5 Signs That Indicate It’s The Right Time to Redesign Your Business Website!

Is your site design losing your business? As per the study of Blue Fountain Media, If a company’s website isn’t updated.

81 percent of the web users would think less of it, and 39 percent will reckon twice about buying a product or service if the website isn’t fresh, updated and user-friendly.

5 Signs That Indicate It’s The Right Time to Redesign Your Business Website!
Manu Rani
May 30, 2022
Web Design

In this blog, we have discussed eight telltale signs that you should consider improving your website.

  • Your Website Design Looks Old

It’s true that appearances do matter. It is vital that your site works seamlessly; and needs to appear fresh and contemporary in front of users. Indeed, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller stated that a website’s design could affect its search rankings.

  • Your Website Is Not Responsive Or Mobile Friendly

Do you all know that almost 85% of website traffic comes from mobile phones?

Yes, it’s true!

Google now ranks websites based on their mobile versions rather than their desktop versions; it’s critical to provide a great mobile experience for your clients.

If you have a different mobile website or one that doesn’t use responsive design, it’s better to start from scratch with the mobile-first strategy than try to reedify it with mobile-friendly elements.

  • Your Website Is Not Bringing The Leads, Traffic And Conversions You Expect

If you’ve noticed a large decline in leads and traffic, it’s likely that your visitors aren’t finding what they’re searching for, and you should consider upgrading your site to entice them back.

  • Your Website Is Not Providing an Outstanding User Experience

A good website is all about offering a good user experience to users. Users will abandon your site if it is rigorous to access and does not provide compelling, meaningful material. While simple changes to a current site might ameliorate the visitor experience, a new site built with the user in mind is frequently the best choice.

  • Making Small Changes Is Difficult Or Impossible

Making minor modifications or additions to your site, such as adding a blog post, editing an event, or editing or changing any product description, should be facile for any one of your staff to do. If your current website is tough to deal with or requires a third party to perform even the most basic updates, you should consider a new site developed on an easy-to-utilize CMS (Content Management System).

To Recapitulate,

If you haven’t redesigned your website for a while, it might be time to do so. We hope that these helpful tips have sparked your interest in the idea of redesigning your website. Again, we live in a very competitive digital world where you must strive to be unique and stand out from your competition to drive more traffic to your business or website. We believe that web design has evolved throughout the years and will only continue to do so. Now is the time to take action that may lead you down the path to a successful business!

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