Why Mobile Friendly Websites or Responsive Web Designs are Crucial?

Clients may now seek information at any time and from any place using these ground-breaking mobile phones.

In 2018, mobile phones accounted for 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide, indicating that individuals are browsing websites more on their phones than on their laptops.

Why Mobile Friendly Websites or Responsive Web Designs are Crucial?
Garima Koundla
May 25, 2022
Web Design

Have you ever looked at a website on your computer and then viewed it on your phone? Have you ever noticed how various websites appear when viewed from different angles?

In this blog, we will examine the subject of mobile responsive websites:

Wondering what responsive web design is?

Responsive website design is a type of web development in which a web page itself resizes the layout and content to adapt to the device it’s being viewed on.

To exemplify, If you’re utilizing a website on a desktop computer, try shrinking the page. You’ll notice that the substance shrinks to fit the screen’s dimensions and that the content sizes rebound at some spots.

With a responsive website, visitors may view your site on any device, and it will appear and function flawlessly. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to create responsive web pages, which apply distinctive variables depending on the size of the screen.

For example, on the desktop, the font size may be 28px, but on mobile, it could only be 16px. You can also modify the site for each device by targeting distinctive screen sizes. On mobile devices, sections that are visible on desktop devices can be concealed, and vice versa.

Some benefits of a mobile responsive website are given below:

There are myriad advantages to having a mobile-friendly website. Here are a few of the most significant advantages:

  • Guarantees a Good User Experience

The most indispensable advantage of having a mobile responsive website is that it ensures that the client has a consistent and wonderful experience when interacting with it. The experiences of browsing a site on a desktop and a mobile device are significantly different.

  • Increases Visibility On Search Engines

On March 26th, 2018, Google announced the use of mobile-first indexing. This means that the sites are designed for mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Thus, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll get a lower search engine ranking. Why did Google act in this manner? We live in an era where individuals are getting more and more content via their phones. Because mobile devices account for 60% of Google searches, it makes sense for Google to urge individuals to make their websites mobile responsive, as they have always strived to assist as many searchers as possible. Google has also launched a Mobile-Friendly Test to see how your website ranks.

  • It Aid’s Your Website’s SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is pivotal for availing new, organic users to your website. What Google says is vital when it comes to SEO. Furthermore, because they promote mobile responsive websites, having a responsive website will enhance the ranking of SEO.

A mobile-friendly website also helps to reduce bounce rates. An unresponsive website is one of the most common causes of a greater bounce rate. It is a fact that people avoid interacting with something that is difficult to utilize. If customers visit your site on a mobile device and it is not optimized, they will abandon it and close it, boosting your bounce rate.

  • You Only Have To Maintain One Website.

By using responsive web design methodologies, businesses can eliminate the need to either maintain separate mobile sites or build native apps for different mobile operating systems. Responsive web design incorporates media queries and fluid grids so that pieces of a site can be turned off as the viewport gets smaller until the device is reduced to a phone-sized screen. Using responsive web design will allow a single piece of content to perform well on anything from an iPhone 6 Plus to the new Apple Watch and everything in between. When done correctly, search engine rankings will stay intact too.

To Wrap Up,

Responsive web design is set to help you in many ways. Your visitors will surely love the responsiveness of your website design. You will get better results from your web content and advertisements. In other words, responsive web design ensures that your audience is effective. In short, responsive web design is the best and most efficient way to create a website that looks good on all devices. It isn’t always easy to implement, but it’s worth the effort.